Very Satified Loyal Customers

Very Satisfied Loyal Customers: their creation, care and nurturing is paramount to the success of Pressed4Time’s franchises and all businesses.  But who are these Very Satisfied Loyal Customers?  Shaun Smith and Joe Wheeler in their book Managing the Customer Experience describe them, explore them and provide the basis of their importance. Here’s what Smith and Wheeler have to say: “There is a distinction to be made between satisfied customers and very satisfied customers. Satisfied customers are not necessarily loyal customers.  Satisfaction is now expected, taken for granted.  80% of customers who switch vendors express satisfaction with their previous vendor, they were pleased with the service, yet they still headed off to a competitor!  Some might dismiss these customers as simply being fickle and think nothing can be done about it – but they’re wrong!   The challenge is to provide a customer experience that differentiates the company and drives loyalty.  When a customer is very satisfied, they develop loyalty and can evolve into the ultimate customer – an advocate.”

Loyalty happens because it is thought about, invested in, worked at and pursued.  How do we create a level of customer satisfaction that is so strong that customers become salespeople?   How do we create advocates in a world of doubters?  We do it by creating and managing a customer experience that goes beyond simple satisfaction.  It’s about being deliberate, consistent, different and creating value.

The first step in managing the customers’ experience is to know who your company is, what it does and where it’s going.  At Pressed4Time our Mission Statement is the starting point for the management and control of our customers’ experience, that, when consistently executed, will result in the very satisfied loyal customers we desire. Pressed4Time’s mission is “to simplify lives and return time to people by delivering the services we promise.”  Everything grows from there.  A mission statement provides clarity for daily purpose and direction for a long-term strategic focus.

We work towards creating and maintaining Very Satisfied Loyal Customers daily, if not hourly and it’s very much a hands-on proposition.  Our next blog post will offer a few “how to’s”, learned from our franchisee’s experiences.

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