Pressed4Time franchise opportunities

Franchise opportunities in an expanding service oriented market

Pressed4Time offers franchise opportunities in the growing garment dry cleaning industry. The services offered by Pressed4Time are targeted to busy consumers and are increasing at twice the rate of franchise opportunities in product oriented businesses. Pressed4Time offers entrepreneurs franchise opportunities in the lucrative and mature industry of garment dry cleaning, known for its steady, repeat business.

Franchise opportunities from Pressed4Time are great way for self motivated people oriented persons to own there own business and be successful at it without the usual risks associated with starting a business. The key to your success is your rapport with people and your ability to communicate with them. Pressed4Time is a people business that offers unique franchise opportunities, so what is important is YOU and your desire to succeed.

How do Pressed4Time franchise opportunities work?

A Pressed4Time franchise serves people at local businesses and office buildings. Twice weekly, at specified times, we pick-up and deliver dry cleaning, shirts, shoes for repair and clothing for alterations from homes and offices. All dry cleaning is done at a local dry cleaning facility. Most of Pressed4Time's customers are professionals, dual-income families with young children and other over-scheduled consumers who value time as a rare commodity. For those individuals and families, a timesaving service like Pressed4Time is an affordable necessity.

Why Pressed4Time franchise opportunities?

Pressed4Time provides 7 key elements to get a franchise up and running fast:

Name recognition
The use of the Pressed4Time name and logo - Pressed4Time is a name people talk about... a name they don't forget. We have the most recognizable and memorable name in the business!

Complete and extensive start-up training
In addition to the training manual, our successful, entrepreneurial experience is packaged in a comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to know about running a successful Pressed4Time franchise. From setting up your books and where to market, to providing outstanding customer service, the training covers it all. Training takes place in three segments: the first at the corporate training center, the second in your territory, and the third -after you're in business for a couple of months. At that time we'll return and spend more time in the field with you to fine-tune your operation.

Wholesale dry cleaning arrangement
We establish a relationship with a professional dry cleaning facility in your area to do your cleaning on a wholesale basis. We negotiate for you.

Central purchasing operation
You have access to our central purchasing operation and assistance with buying all necessary 'start-up' supplies. You save money on supplies because of our group purchasing power.

Protected territory
You will receive a protected territory. We will not license another Pressed4Time franchise in your territory.

Professional image
You get a professional image with a complete package of professionally designed marketing materials and camera ready art. We have shirts, sweaters, hats and even umbrellas with the Pressed4Time logo proudly displayed.

Ongoing marketing support
Ongoing support includes public relations campaigns in your local market. Telemarketing, broadcast fax and e-mail programs for your territory. We'll answer your questions via our TOLL-FREE HOTLINE, and our Intranet will let you communicate with other franchisees throughout the country.

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How to take advantage of our franchise opportunities

The prospect of starting your own business can be overwhelming. Will you have enough money? Will it take over your life? Can you handle the responsibility?

Franchise opportunities from Pressed4Time take the risk out of starting a business. Pressed4Time makes a firm commitment to every one of our franchise owners to ensure your continued growth and success. You are supported by a full time staff that understands what it's like to build this business, because they have all done it themselves. Our complete start-up training allows you to take advantage of years of collective experience, which is all included in your initial franchise fee of $21,900. This includes everything you need to know. And, of course, you must have a van or mini-van, which can be leased or purchased. As a Pressed4Time business owner, you work out of your home; all you need is a desk, a computer with Internet access, a quality printer, a calculator, a telephone and an answering machine.

Simply use our Service Locator to find out if there are Pressed4Time franchise opportunities in your area, or contact us by calling at 1-800-423-8711 or by sending e-mail to

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