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June 2008

Drying: Line, Flat, Drip Dry

All clothes, towels and linens need to be washed (we knowsome 10-year-old boys who might
disagree!), but there are many alternatives to how to dry those items.

Automatic drying. Put enough clothing in the dryer so that they will tumble properly, but don't overfill the machine or your clothes will be wrinkled. It's best to under-dry items rather than over drying them. Cottons and preshrunk material can be dried on high or regular temperature settings, while low or delicate
settings are best for synthetics, items that will snag, sheer or gauzy fabrics and most cotton knits. After every load, be sure
to check the lint filter and empty it. Remove items when the load is done to avoid wrinkling and fold or hang the garments right away. If you forget and your clothes become wrinkled from
sitting in the dryer too long, just leave them in the dryer, add a moistened white towel and run the dryer on a low temperature
setting for five minutes.

Drip-drying or "hanging items to dry" indoors. This method is great for light cottons, polyesters, silks and items that will not
stretch (and don't say "dry flat only.") You can put items like jackets, blouses, dresses and sweaters on hangers that allow them to drape correctly (never use wire hangers). It's best to
button or zip up the garment; smooth collars, seams, trim and pockets. For smaller items like lingerie or pantyhose, use a small collapsible rack or hanging rack.

Drying flat. Many items like knits and wool sweaters have labels that indicate "lay flat to dry." If you don't follow these directions,
the fabric may stretch or become misshapen. Lay the item on a clean white towel or sheet on a flat surface, away from the sun. Some of these items may need to be put on the "air dry" setting
of the dryer first to prevent them from becoming stiff. Check the label on the garment for these instructions or symbols.

Line drying. It's a method that was popular many years ago, and is still a wonderful and energy-efficient way to dry clothes. If you live in an apartment or condo with little access to a backyard or open area, line drying might be difficult, but if you have the space and some clothespins (and neighbors that won't mind!),
try it this summer.

If you are going to line dry items, be sure to remember the following tips: Pin dresses by the shoulder; full skirts by the hem and straight skirts and pants by the waistband. Hang shirts by
the tail and always leave unbuttoned; T-shirts should be hung by the hem. Fold underwear over the line and then pin; in socks pin by the toe. Fold sheets hem to hem over the line and pin by the corners; pin pillowcases on one side only, leaving the other side to hang open. Shake out towels and then pin at the corners.


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