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Most skiwear items are quite durable and should last at least two to three years - IF they are cared for properly. Skiwear can be dry cleanable or washable, depending on the fiber content of the shell fabric and lining. To keep your skiwear in top condition for the next several years, try these proven tips:

  • Be sure to clean skiwear items often, since they often get stained or soiled.
  • Always follow the care instructions on the label – manufacturers know best!
  • Avoid excess temperatures when drying, even if the item is machine washable. The inner linings used to hold the filler materials in most ski jackets may stiffen or shrink. (When in doubt, just ask your Pressed4Time representative!)

Handwash In Cold Water

You're at your favorite store, and you see the perfect sweater on sale. The care label says, "Hand wash in cold water," and you think to yourself, "Hey, I'll just throw it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and that should be fine."

WRONG! Don't throw this type of garment in the washer because you'll be VERY unhappy with the results. Hand washing involves no agitation, wringing or twisting of the fabric. Any machine wash cycle (yes, even gentle) involves agitation, which could damage the material.

If you really love that sweater and simply must have it, be sure to follow the instructions. Simply soak the item in cold water for five to ten minutes, rinse and squeeze gently, then lay flat to dry.

Dye Is Not The Answer


Here's a quick tip: If you spilled red wine on a white shirt recently and decided to just dye it, please reconsider. Before you dye any clothing item, you must remove the stain. If you don't, the dye will color the stained area differently from the rest of the fabric and you'll still see the spot! Try these helpful stain removal ideas:

  • Club soda
  • Baking soda and white vinegar
  • Pressed4Time professional dry cleaning services!



While many men pick ties that make a fashion statement, ties damaged by excessive wear, repeated cleaning, or dye migration are never the statement you want to make.

If you've got a tie that looks rippled or puckered, it's probably because of the way the tie was made. Tie fabric is cut on a bias and is susceptible to stretching from tension and stress of tying and untying. Oftentimes, the materials used in ties can shrink during cleaning.

If your tie's pattern suddenly starts to 'bleed' and migrate onto other shades, the likely cause is dye that runs when in contact with water.

How can you protect your ties? First, buy quality ties made from quality fabrics and dyes. Ties are a true 'you get what you pay for' item. Second, let Pressed4Time clean your ties the right way. Our expertise lends itself to good looking ties!

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